Pick-it Fence Co. Inc has been successfully installing commercial fences since 1990, After many successful commercial fence projects, our company's reputation along with a caring professional attitude has made us a leader in the fence industry of Martin County. We have completed over 10,000 projects o provide the highest quality service, products, and installations. Our attention to detail and workmanship is evident from our on-going and growing customer list. Our dedicated team, of which many have been employed by Pick-it Fence Co, Inc.

In Martin County, we are pro-active in working with architects, engineers, and manufacturers for specifications, drawings, updates on quality products, as well as value engineering. Pick-it Fence Co.is recognized as a leader in the fencing industry with an unrivaled reputation for quality and service in Palm Beach and Martin County.



Pick-it Fence has been serving South Florida's architects, businesses, builders and governments for more than 30 years. Our reputations as Martin County's premier commercial fencing contractor only grows every year. With dedicated Fencing Professional on staff to support our client's technical needs, we are the proactive fencing contractor for Palm Beach and Martin County. Our commercial fence installation service is your choice for all types of commercial fencing. All of our commercial and sports fencings are compliant with fencing systems. Our extensive experience with commercial projects enables us to complete your large and small projects on time and within budget.

At Pick-It Fence Company, Inc. we guarantee our quality and workmanship.




We know that the world is rapidly developing but becoming more competitive. Businesses popped up everywhere. However, some companies are not rendering the full service a client is expecting for and because of this, it will eventually lead to a bad reputation towards the company. At Pick-it-Fence Co. Inc., we truly value our customers and we guarantee that they will be entitled to the best quality of the product that is worth their money.


We have a great customer service that each of our clients will be comfortable to approach them and be more confident to talk about their concerns. When it comes to our products, we carefully crafted them according to their desire but it should be beyond their expectations. We believe that our products will be our tool for building a harmonious relationship with our clients.


So if a client is truly amazed and satisfied with our services and products, we are beyond happy and this is also boosting our self-esteem to create more inventions in the future. They put the trust to our company, and so we want to preserve that trust and prove to them that in Pick-it-Fence, we can do our best to make them feel more welcomed, accommodated and will leave them with a bigger smile of satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at 561-795-8972 and we'll be glad to help you.