At Pick-it-Fence Company, Inc. we guarantee our quality and workmanship. When you need quality fence installation work at a competitive price, be sure to call Pick-it-Fence Co. Inc. We propose various kinds of fences to suit your needs.


Working with a professional contractor:

          Use a contractor that has employees (not unlicensed/uninsured subcontractors).

(*Should an injury occur in your property, our employees are covered by our worker's compensation insurance – not your homeowner policy.

          When making a final decision on any contractor, please verify the contractor's information by visiting www.pbcgov.com./pzb/ and choose contractor tracking, or you may call PBC Contractors Licensing Dept. at 233-5525. Ask the following:

a)       Are they licensed or insured?

b)      For how long in business?

c)       Who is the actual license qualifier?

(The actual license qualifier is responsible for any work performed. Make sure that the qualifier is with whom you are doing the business. Ask for a copy of their license and insurance.)

          A licensed contractor is allowed to “qualify” someone who for any reason cannot get their license. The licensed contractor, however, is the one responsible for any work performed under their license.


          We offer top quality service for residential fences, commercial fences, wooden fences, security fences, privacy fences, fence installation, and electric gate installation. We can customize the fences according to your desire. You decide, we create.


          Furthermore, here are some tips that hopefully could help you to get the result you hope for when contracting to have any type of work done.

•         If you're interested in a wood fence, be sure to use treated 4”x4” posts, 2”x4” back rails and1”x6” pickets secured with ring shank (screw) nails.

•         When comparing chain-link bids, get the material specs such as fabric gauge, terminal, line post, top rail dimensions ad proper thickness.

(Example, imagine looking through the top of two different drinking glasses, the glasses may be of the same diameter but has a different thickness.)

•         The same is for PVC and aluminum fencing. Look for the differences, especially if there is a notable difference between bids.