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Choosing the Best Fence to Keep Cats Inside Your Property

It's in cats' nature to wander around and explore, and it is only natural for cat owners to fear for their safety whenever they leave the property. A fence is one of the best options you can put up to keep your cat in your garden or backyard, however, not all fences are created equally. Some options work better than others in keeping your furry friend contained.

When choosing the best fence that will keep your cat inside, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Consider some of these factors before deciding the best option for you.

Your Cat

You need to understand the size, nature, and capabilities of your cats before deciding on the best fence for you. Some cats are more agile and motivated to escape than others, which means you will need sturdier and taller fences or smarter solutions.

Any material will keep cats inside and prevent other animals from coming in, as long as the fence is at least 6 feet tall.

Consider the size of the gaps between fences, as some cats can be more flexible than others making it easier for them to squeeze through the gaps.

Cats can be excellent diggers so always make sure your fence goes at least a foot underground to prevent them from getting out that way.

The Surroundings

Perimeter trees can assist cats when they want to leave the property. Cats are excellent climbers which means your fences can be useless if they can just climb a tree and exit on the other side. It might be a good idea to cat-proof your trees or keep them out of your enclosed area.

Your Preferences

It might be best to have a complete enclosure to keep your cat inside but it does not look particularly attractive for your property. You should also consider the type of fence that will look good for your taste, and try to apply cat-proof solutions. If you wish to maintain a good view of your surroundings, try chain-link or wooden fences that do not obstruct your views but keep your cat inside.

Your Budget

Keeping your cat inside should not be a huge dent in your budget. Look for affordable alternatives that do the job but are less expensive. Try PVC vinyl fences that are tall enough to keep your cats from jumping over them.

When it comes to the best fence to keep your beloved cat inside your property, there is no one solution that will work for everyone. Know your cat, your budget, the nearby threats, and your surroundings before deciding on the fence you need. For quality and reliable fencing solutions, Pick-it Fence can help you choose the best fence for your needs.

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