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Does paint prevent damage on a fence?

Buying a new fence can also be an opportunity to paint it, making it more aesthetic and blend better into the decor. Wanting to repaint your fence is not only aesthetic, but it is also very important for several reasons. Whether it is to make it more resistant to bad weather, insects, or heat, painting or repainting your fence will be very advantageous to you.

Why paint is useful as a layer of protection

Even if a fence seems at first glance relatively resistant, it remains nonetheless fragile over time. And neglecting the maintenance of your fence can be very expensive if it needs to be replaced. Applying a coat of paint or varnish will keep it in good condition longer. Depending on the materials that make up your fence you will need to apply one or more layers to allow the paint to adhere better or to be more resistant to rust or insects.

Paint, a multi-protection purpose

In fact, the paint will be used to keep your fence looking good and resistant against rust that can seep in due to rain (or resist insects if your fence is made of wood). It is nevertheless essential to continually keep an eye on your fence to check if the paint does not come off, because the big changes in temperature can damage the paint and thus leave small spaces, that can allow the water to drain. You must also be careful with foam which can damage the paint over time. To remove the foam a little warm water and soap are sufficient, scrape a sponge a little and the suds will disappear.

Detect the flaw and rust

Repainting your fence is also a good opportunity to detect flaws and rust that can start to set in. If so, it is best to remove the rust by sanding your fence a bit to prevent any further damage. Do not repaint over the rust as this will not stop it from spreading and your entire fence could suffer.

How often to paint

Depending on where you live it will take between 5 to 10 years, this will depend on the type of fence you have, but also the weather conditions in your region is. The easiest way is to look at and clean your fence once or twice a month as needed. Some fences like the PVC one need less maintenance than others.

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