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How a fence improves your privacy against intruders?

Your home is the heart of your privacy, where you spend your time with your family and possibly work from your home since COVID-19. It is therefore important not to let unwanted people enter your property. A fence adds second protection to your home and is intended to improve your security by making it harder to break into your home. But how does a fence improve your privacy?

1 / Hide from people with the height of the fence

Having a large fence makes it easy to protect your home and property from people outside who want to watch what you have. This basic protection will allow you to reduce the chances that someone will want to steal something from you. A high fence will also make it more difficult to trespass.

2 / Having a camera on your fence

Having a fence installed on your property also allows you to have a surveillance camera installed to detect potential burglars as quickly as possible and try to have their faces on camera. Cameras today are very discreet and have a definition that allows them to record the image of the intruder very effectively.

3 / A special painting on your fence

You can request the special paint application which remains slippery to make it more difficult to trespass on your property. This paint is usually applied to the top of your fence so that "it is more difficult to find a grip to climb.

4 / Add spikes on your fence

Customization of fences is quite common, it allows you to look closer to what you have in mind while improving your safety. You can, for example, modify the top of the fence with spikes. Different possibilities exist, contact us to find out more.

5 / Install a fence door to create a new layer of security

A fence in itself is already important protection, but having a suitable fence gate is also very important. The height, the material used, whether the door is electric or not are all things to think about to improve your security according to your needs and possibilities.

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