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How Can a Fence Protect My House from a Flood?

One of the most recurring natural hazards in Florida is flooding. This is usually caused by hurricanes and storms as well as excessive rainfall. Since the majority of the state is near or at sea level plus mostly flat terrains, it is always more likely to flood in Florida than in any other part of the country. Because of this, people are on the lookout for the best solutions to avoid the damaging impacts of floods on their properties. One of the queries that arise is how can a fence protect my house from a flood.

Understanding the Different Types of Residential Fences

There is a wide selection of fences that a homeowner can choose from. Here are some of them.

Aluminum Fence and Gate

This option is pleasing to the eyes and offers a good amount of security. It is an effective solution to ensure child safety and serves as a pool barrier. It can be fitted with a customized entry and exit security system. The material is corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for the heat and humidity of Florida.

Wooden Fence

This is an environmentally-friendly solution to fit the nature theme of your residence. It is essential to use the best quality lumber for the fence to look good and last long. There are many variations of wooden fences such as dog ears, shadow boxes, and the classic picket fence to name a few. It can go with wooden or metal frames plus additional features can be added for both security and aesthetic purposes.

Chain Link Fence

This is all about simplicity and being straight-forwarded. It is ideal for large properties as it is more cost-effective. It can be galvanized, but most homeowners prefer the polyvinyl-coated option, which looks better and is more long-lasting.

PCV-Vinyl Fence

This is one of the best alternatives in the market due to its combined great looks and high resistance. It also requires minimal maintenance and can look new for many years.

How Can Fences Protect My House from Floods?

Keeping your home safe from floods is a possibility through flood fencing. This innovation works by stopping the flood waters before they enter your property with the help of PCV and flood seals. The PVC fence boards and posts are dug into the ground to be equipped with the most amount of strength.

This can deal with up to 6 feet of flood water and last for around 2 years. You are definitely getting your money’s worth. If you want to learn more about this and how it can solve your flooding-related woes, phone us now at Pick-it Fence Co. Inc.

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