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How can a fence protect your garden against wild animals?

No matter where your house is, keeping wildlife out of your garden can be challenging. Fencing has been proven to deter wild animals by using the right size and type of fencing. For example, a lower fence won't keep deer out of your yard. So here's a list of fencing that you can choose to use to keep away wild animals.

1. Electric fences: If bears and deer are a problem in your area, having an electric fence can increase the security of your garden. Put bait on the fence and let the bear explore the fence by touching and licking it. Electric fences without bait are dangerous to bears. If coyotes cause concern for neighbors, add a fence net over the electric fence. Coyotes can jump over fences, so there's an 8-inch floor and 6 to 8-inch barbed wire to prevent jumps.

2. Fences and Underground Barriers: Sites, raccoons, and possums are fairly common and should have fences and underground barriers. If you have a 60x72-inch fence, keep raccoons and possums out. Burying a 24-inch horizontal apron can further prevent digging as a means of access to the garden.

3. Tall Fencing: For a wild animal like a groundhog, you'll need 4-foot fencing. Installing a live wire on the roof could further prevent them from entering the garden.

Adding a fence is a good way to keep wild animals away from the garden. However, this must be done with care to ensure that animals entering your garden are not harmed. If you need help, there is always a way to remove the animal. Some wild animals, such as bears, can be dangerous to you and your garden.

What type of fence do you use to protect your garden from wild animals?


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