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How Does a Fence Keep Wild Animals Away from Your Property?

Fences create a clear border to a property that people understand, and so are an excellent way to promote privacy and stop strangers from inadvertently wandering into your yard.

However, animals don't have the same social training about fence lines as people do. Many will consider your fence as just another obstacle they need to cross to continue their foraging or hunting.

It's not always easy to keep wild animals from entering your property, regardless of whether your home is in the middle of suburbia or your house is further out in the regional areas.

Fencing is by far the most efficient method to keep the wild animals at bay. So, how does a fence keep wild animals away from your property?

Go Deep and Go High

A sturdy fence that with an apron buried at least one and a half feet underground and is at least five feet tall will turn away just about every animal that may be tempted to tunnel under, or attempt jumping or climbing into your property.

If you want to be doubly sure that a digging animal will get frustrated, create an L-shape on the buried apron that points away from the property. Most burrowers will get frustrated when confronted with a double-whammy level of resistance.

Woodchucks are capable climbers, so if these animals are a problem in your area, an electrified wire along the top will be an uncomfortable, but ultimately harmless deterrent.

Use a Solid Fence to Block the View

Animals rely on hearing and smell more than their sight. However, while a wrought iron and picket fences are attractive, the sight of a productive garden or a bin full of tasty morsels will be an invitation they can't refuse.

If your goal is to create an effective wildlife barrier, then a solid fence line will be a significant deterrent. Animals are less likely to go for a prize they can't see.

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