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What are the Best Fences to Install in Southwest Florida

To maintain personal space and repel intruders, homeowners have relied on fences for centuries. Designs have ranged from the simple post-and-rail of Colonial times to the ornate molded vinyl fences of the present. To keep your pets secure in your yard or keep the local kids away from your flowerbed, there is a fence type and material to suit your needs.

Contact your local zoning authority before heading to the lumberyard to see what, if any, initial actions you need to take to get the fencing supplies you need. A lot survey may be required to erect the fence along a property line. As a homeowner, you may be required to use specified materials and limit the height of your fence if your community is subject to covenants. Choosing the proper fence material is the next step once you have the go-ahead.

Top Choices for Commercial and Residential Fences

If you are looking to install security fences around your property in Southwest Florida, but are not sure which type of fencing solutions to choose, here are the best options to keep in mind.

1. Wood Fences

When designing a backyard, nothing beats wood as classic and flexible material. Compared to vinyl privacy fencing or brick materials, it's a more affordable option. Popular fence materials include cedar, teak, and redwood, all known for their sturdiness and long-term usability. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo fences have become a popular eco-friendly choice.

2. Metal Fences

Aluminum, iron, and wire mesh fencing are common options for metal fences. Metal, on the other hand, has a really specific look that you may or may not like in your house. Metal fences also tend to be more affordable. They can also be used to keep dogs contained while yet allowing access to the yard. With proper maintenance, metal fences can last for decades.

3. PVC Fences

You can't beat PVC for fence supplies that save money, such as stakes, post sleeves, and pickets. Because little to no wood is utilized in the building, it's a means to cut expenses while enhancing durability.

4. Vinyl Fences

When it comes to fencing, vinyl has risen to the top spot. If you can manage it, this fence style can be a good option for you. In comparison to wood, it is both more durable and more pliable. Additionally, it requires no upkeep and is quite easy to clean. It can also be used for 20 to 30 years at the most.

Top Fencing Company in Southwest Florida

Now that you know the best fences you can install, it is time for you to contact the best fence installers in the area, such as Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. We've done a lot of fencing projects, and we're known for providing the best service, products, and installs in the business.

As evidenced by our ever-expanding number of satisfied clients, we pay close attention to the smallest of details. Customer service and dependability are the hallmarks of Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. Contact us today at 561-795-8972, so we can plan your fencing project!

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