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What is the Best Type of Fence for a Manor?

A good fence can add privacy, improve security, enhance your property's visual appeal, reduce noise or keep pets contained, so the best type of fence for your manor will depend on your lifestyle and needs. Here's how to choose the perfect fence for your home.

Best Material for Noise Reduction

If your manor is on a busy street, a well-chosen fence can provide a few different benefits, including noise reduction. Any solid fencing material will block noise, but the heavier and more rigid the material is, the more sound pollution it will absorb and block.

Steel reinforced fencing materials are an excellent choice for noise reduction. Wood is also popular for those who prefer a natural look but layering the wood and filling in between the panels with sound dampening material will improve your results.

Fences serving double duty as noise reduction are tall enough to provide a good deal of security and privacy, but zoning laws will come into play. Check with your local council about how tall you can go with your fence.

Stone, Steel and Vinyl Fencing

Designing a fence with security, sound dampening, and privacy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. If your mansion is situated where a stone wall wouldn't look out of place, then it's an excellent choice for delivering all the benefits a fence can provide.

If the budget is a concern, then there are options for you to enjoy the aesthetics of stone without the higher costs by using vinyl and steel materials molded to look like stone. Both steel and vinyl add excellent protection against noise, improving security, and enhancing privacy while also adding classic appeal to your property.

Wrought Iron Fences for Timeless and Durable

Wrought iron fences don't offer much in the way of privacy, but they are of solid construction for excellent security and require minimal maintenance. A wrought iron fence can also reinforce the classic, timeless appeal of your mansion, and there are ways to increase your privacy with landscaping options using hedges and shrubs along the fence line.

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