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What kind of fence keeps raccoons out?

Raccoons are a nuisance in many neighborhoods. They not only destroy gardens and trashcans, but they can also be extremely dangerous if they have rabies! Also, raccoons are animals with a natural curiosity, and they can cause significant damage if you don't take precautions against them.

Many people have a great question when they find themselves living in a residential area overrun by pesky, clever little critters such as raccoons is "What kind of fences can I use to keep them out?" You've done your research on what type of animal control methods are available for getting rid of the problem, but now you're trying to figure out which one will work best for your needs. The good news is there is the best way that you can go about preventing these animals from coming into your property.

The best way to deter raccoons is by using an electric fence. An electric fence will deliver a mild shock that prevents them from coming near it. A good idea would be to install your wire fencing along the perimeter of your property and then put up another type of barrier on tops, such as a plastic, wood, or metal mesh fence material. Another option for you would be hog panels which are designed specifically for this purpose! They're super easy to set up, and they come in various heights, making them perfect if you have trees nearby because their long branches can easily reach over the barriers without touching them.

Electric fences are a great way to keep raccoons out. It's easy, and it has a relatively low-cost upfront. However, there is some work involved in setting the fence - but don't worry! We'll walk you through that right here on our blog post about electric fencing for animals.

What type of fence are you using to keep raccoons away from your property?

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