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What type of fence is best when you have pets?

If you have pets, you've probably given some thought to what type of fence would be best for your property. You may want a tall, sturdy fence that will keep them from jumping over or digging underneath it. Or maybe you simply need a small barrier around the yard to give your pet some boundaries and prevent them from roaming too far away from home. In addition, Pets are curious creatures that will find a way to explore if they're not contained. A pet fence can keep your pets safe in the yard, provide them with an extra stimulating environment, and give you peace of mind knowing they'll never be lost again. Here's what type is best for your unique situation!

Solid Barrier Fence:

Wood fences are a great way to contain and protect your dog from other animals, kids, or neighbor pets that can easily distract them. They also add privacy which will appeal in terms of curb appeal for potential buyers on the market as well! Metal pet doors also work best if you don't want any entanglements while keeping intruders out completely.

Chain Link Fence:

Some people want the convenience of a chain link or wire fence, but not its high price tag. These fences can be installed quickly by professionals in just hours for your average-sized yard without sacrificing too much quality with installation time! However, these types may not work well if you have some large breed dogs who put their weight behind pulling on it regularly to get back at something they don't like - such as an automatic door closing while walking through one (or both) sides).

Electric Fence:

There are two types of electric dog fences, including underground and wireless. Underground electric fencing is convenient and practical for pet owners, but it may not be the best option. These fences can be installed in minutes without any digging or construction, and they're designed to keep pets from wandering into areas that could lead them into harm's way. Wireless electric dog fences tend to be easy to set up but may take some training to get your dog used to the collar. These products offer an alternative solution for people who want their dogs contained without spending time or money building a fence.

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to selecting a fence, but the best option is typically one that will not allow your pet an opportunity to escape. This type of fencing may include vinyl, aluminum, and even chain-link fences. These types of fences can also work well if you have livestock on your property as they offer good visibility and protection against predators such as coyotes or bears. Make sure that whatever fence you select fits in with your yard's aesthetic appeal and overall feel while still being practical enough to keep your pets safe!

If you're considering purchasing a fence system for your pet, please contact us to schedule a consultation! We offer free consultations and will work with you to find the right solution that fits your needs and budget!

What is the reasoning behind your pet fence choice?

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